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Creating a website for presentations and companies

Price of site development

The creation of a website costs 200 € (for a presentation of only one page) and the cost of making a website depends on the complexity of the website, ie the number of pages, links, images, links to social network profiles and other data.

You provide and submit electronic web site material (texts, images, data) in electronic form (via e-mail, on CD / DVD or USB memory) as a client. The text for the site is delivered typed in the word document, and the images that are submitted should be arranged in advance. You can photograph for us professionally on the spot (this service is paid separately)

The creation of the website lasts for an average of 7-30 days, and the design period depends on the complexity of the site. After creating a complete website you get a working version of your site and all the parameters owned: cut to cd / dvd, usb memory or by e-mail depending on how it suits you.